The 2% Club Business Operations Services

Business owners pride themselves on working long hours An often wear many

hats along with possessing a multitude of hands-on capabilities.

Unfortunately, hard work alone is not enough to ensure profitability or the

survival of any business. Companies need to be effectively managed & Operated to

ensure successful results.

One critical element in that process is the implementation and enforcement of the

appropriate operational systems.

The 2% Club Offers a wide variety of systems to relieve you from the daily growing

pains of owning & operating a business so you can get back to what is critically

vital to effectively scale your business for its immediate and future success

Operations & Start Up Services

  • Set up business structure (LLC, Sub S, C Corp)

  • Set up IRS Tax ID

  • Set up bank accounts

  • Set up business credit cards

  • Set up merchant services

  • Set up business credit

  • Set up accounting records

  • Set up tax filing system

  • Set up cash flow worksheets

  • Set up budgeting worksheets

  • Create vision statement

  • Create mission statement

  • Create business plan

  • Create organizational structure

  • Create detailed job descriptions

  • Create detailed operations manual


  • Create daily method of operations
  • Set up hiring system

  • Set up management system

  • Set up review system

  • Set up training system

  • Set up customer support system

  • Set up insurance relations

  • Set up legal relations

  • Set up vendor relations

  • Set up virtual assistants

  • Set up regularly scheduled meetings

  • Set up employee events

  • Set up system for reviewing and approving all purchases.

  • Set up system for reviewing all credit card bills

  • Complete all regulatory filings

  • Manage all mail


Any business that lacks the time or ability to plan and implement its marketing efforts should hire a marketing firm.  Regardless if it’s a big company with a workforce of 500 or a small business with a staff of 5 or less.

You may or may not already have an in-house marketing department.  If not keep in mind As your company grows sometimes it’s hard to catch up with every aspect of your marketing. Not to mention, the continuous shifting of customer’s preferences and rapidly developing new technologies can easily leave you behind the competition.

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