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Once you know the same powerful system all the highly successful multi-million dollar industries use to create their massive wealth, you can practically print money!

Its the exact same system that thousands of people from around the world have adopted to create their vast fortunes!

The exact same step-by-step system the very best sales professionals have used to sell billions of dollars in products and services over and over again, year after year and soon you’ll be able to use it too!

What makes the Million Dollar Sales system so powerful?

It teaches you exactly how to present yourself as an expert– without ever having to “sell” yourself again!


It’s actually very simple!

When you use the proper system to sell to the people who really want and need your product or service, making money becomes easy.

You no longer have to persuade, nag, or beg your prospects to buy from you ever again!

At the end of the Million Dollar Sales Intensive,

You will be able to:


  • Define exactly the attitudes, skills and knowledge of the Sales Professional so you have a template to model
  • Control any conversation so you get the prospect talking
  • Use the power of questions so you can draw out needs and dissatisfaction
  • Learn the OPEN question selling technique so you get the customer eager to get their problems solved
  • Understand how to become an active listener so you hear what the customer says and build rapport and trust
  • Practice the FTB sales Technique so you can share the benefits of your program with your prospects and they see the great value you have to offer
  • Recognize the most common types of objections and why buyers bring them up so you’re completely prepared to overcome them
  • Learn the APAC objection handling system so you always know exactly what to say with confidence
  • Use a specific formula to handle the most common objection: Price so you get the buyers approval every time
  • Practice 9 closing techniques so you have multiple ways to seal the deal every time
  • Learn how to cross-sell and up-sell so you maximize the value you deliver to the client and increase your profits at the same time
  • Understand the state of mind to sell so you’re always at the top of your game
  • Learn how to visualize the sale so it becomes easy, automatic and natural
  • Know what you are selling inside and out so you command the respect of your clients


This comprehensive sales system will have people buying from you like never before!

Whether you’ve been in business or sales for years and are looking to grow, or you’re just launching your career and want to get off to a strong start, this program is packed with information that will accelerate you light-Years beyond your competition.

If your goal is a huge increase in your closing rates and a ton more sales every single month, then you’ll leave this sales Intensive ready to crush it!

More Sales!

More Money!

Every Single Month!

Month After Month!

Year After Year!!

This foolproof system can be applied to any business, and used over and over again.

These are time-tested principles used again and again across a range of industries.

Don’t spend another year researching what the competition is doing to be on top, instead after this Intensive you can be the competition!

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We know it can be nerve-wracking to invest in a new program to expand or kickstart your business. What if the program doesn’t address your business’s unique problems? What if it just tells you information you already know?

We’re confident that this program has something to offer everyone – no matter what type of business you run or how long you’ve been In the market. But if you’re not sure, not to worry.

We would never ask you to take a risk we wouldn’t take ourselves. That’s why we back every single enrollment with a super easy, full money-back guarantee.

If for any reason at the end of the event you’re not fully satisfied with the program, simply contact us for a quick and courteous refund.

About The Organizer of  The 2 Day Million Dollar Sales Intensive

Jeff Fagin, CPA, MBA, is a hugely successful business professional with 45 years of business, sales, and management experience. Today Jeff is the proud Founder of the 2% Club where he continues inspiring & educating thousands of Phoenix Entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals alike on what it takes to reach your maximum potentials.

As the former Chief Operating Officer of Peak Potentials Training, Jeff has worked directly with many of today’s most respected thought leaders in the areas of business and personal success, including T. Harv Eker, author the the N.Y. Times best selling bookSecrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

Between live training events, one on one coaching, and “done for you” services, Jeff and the 2% Club is rapidly becoming the “go to” place for every local entrepreneur, & business professional committed to taking their lives to the next level.

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