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Let The Customers Come To You!

Increase the number of in-bound consumer interactions through strategic marketing.

Phone calls, Lead forms, Subscribers, & More.

Marketing Services

  • Create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

  • Identify Target Market

  • Review Name and Tag Lines

  • Review Current Social Media Sites

  • Review Current Offline Marketing Efforts

  • Review Current Branding

  • Review Current Marketing Materials

  • Review Current Website

  • Review Current Results

  • Establish KPI’s

  • Determine Monthly Marketing Budget

  • Create Website

  • Create Marketing funnels

  • Create Bots

  • Create Lead Generation Systems

  • Create Banners. Business Cards

  • Create LinkedIn Lead Gen Systems

  • Create Facebook Marketing

  • Create Google Marketing

  • Create Youtube Marketing

  • Consider Print Media

  • Consider Radio, TV

  • Consider Sponsoring Events

  • Consider Hosting Events

  • Consider Podcasts

  • Consider Facebook Lives

  • Consider Email Marketing

  • Consider Text Messaging Marketing

  • Build Data Base

  • Create CRM System

  • Sales Training

  • Script Writing

Marketing In Unity Pays Off!


 Sales and Marketing have long struggled to align in perfect harmony

for many Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs alike.

  These two rolls are both vastly different, but also a very necessary part of the

 survival of your business, large or small.


When they are misaligned or do not collaborate, huge problems can arise that will end up

 costing you customers and losing you sales. 70% of the consumers journey takes place

 before the customer ever speaks to a salesperson. That being said, it’s especially crucial

 during the early stages of your customer’s buyers’ cycle, that the sales and marketing

 team provide a united front to consumers.



Why Is Strategic Marketing So Critical To Your Success?


Top 5 Advantages


1. Get On The Radar Of Your Perfect Prospects

Well placed targeted content will help your business enter into vital conversations

prospects are already having.


2. Offer Real Value To Your Customers

No one likes to be sold! Consumers like to feel in control throughout their buying experience. Instead of

holding back the “Goods” Release high quality useful content.


3. Increase Your Chances Of Making Their “Hot List 

Most of the time your prospects are typically not even aware they have a pain to begin with. Help them to

recognize it & the overwhelming need to address It!


4. Build Brand Awareness

Invest in branding yourself as the “Go-To” expert in your niche.

Nurturing & building upon your, know, like, & trust factor will significantly increase your credibility


5. Increase The Number Of Qualified Leads

If you release precise tailored & targeted content for your buyers persona you will naturally attract these

people and repel those who may not be a good fit for your product or services

Between live training events, one on one coaching, and “done for you” services, the 2%

Club is rapidly becoming the “go to” place for every local business owner & start

up entrepreneur committed to taking their success to the next level.

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